Brian Returns To Cunnningham; The School Of Fun
Season 1, Episode 19-21
Code 211-213
Episode 19-21
Writer(s) Sean Breslin
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"Long Lost Sister"


"Sean Gets Schooled"

Brian Returns To Cunningham; The School Of Fun is a three-part episode of Cunningham which combines Brian: The Series and PS222 School Of Fun with Cunningham. The special is the 19th, 20th and 21st episodes of the series as well as first crossover event. It is followed by a sequel titled "School Of Bad Luck"


Brian, Avery and Victor come to visit and tension rises. Sean and Victor become good friends and they go iceskating with Brian, Max and Steven. Feeling left out Brian, Max and Steven try to get Sean and Victor to turn against each other. The girls to get revenge on Avery by pranking her. Sean and Brian go to pizza and run into his friends from PS222. Since no one likes Brian Sean tries to get the gangs to like him. Brian, Avery and Victor head back home. Sean and Steven try to end a rivalry between Jake and Alex. The girls try to win an arguement against the PS222 girls. Isabelle and Veronica go skirt shopping with Nicole and Olivia.


  • Max
  • Sean
  • Steven
  • Jordan
  • Nicole
  • Olivia
  • Melissa
  • Sabryna
  • Emily
  • Brian (Parts 1-2)
  • Avery (Parts 1-2)
  • Victor (Parts 1-2)
  • Isabelle (Parts 2-3)
  • Veronica (Parts 2-3)
  • Anna (Parts 2-3)
  • Jake (Parts 2-3)
  • Leah (Parts 2-3)
  • Sarah (Parts 2-3)
  • Claire (Parts 2-3)


  • This is the first crossover episode.
  • Alex is absent for the 4th, 5th and 6th times.
  • The working title was Reunion.
  • The second part is the only part with all three shows appearing but with little interaction between Brian and School Of Fun.
  • This is the fourth multi-part special.
  • This is the fith, sixth and 7th times a charcters name has been in the title.