Genre Teen sitcom
Created by Sean Breslin





Steven (Seasons 1-2)




Jordan (Season 1- Recurring 2-3 Main)

Greg (Season 1- Recurring 3- Main)

Brian (Season 1)

Opening Episode Pilot
Opening theme TBA
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons

3 Seasons Written


Cunningham is an upcoming web series based on the school. The show will star Max, Sean, Melissa, Sabryna, Olivia, Nicole and Emily. Greg starred in the first and third seasons. Steven starred in the first and second seasons. Jordan joined the main cast towards the last part of the first season. It is set to begin production in June 2013. A film titled Cunningham Goes Hollywood is the 38th episode of the series and a quadruple length special. It revolves around a trip to Hollywood that gets chaotic. A seccond film titled Back To The Future is the 45th episode of the series and triple length special. The film is a sequel to School Of The Future. It revolves around Sean and Brian teaming up to take over the world.


Season Episodes Original air dates
First Last  Code Farewells
Season 1 25 Pilot So Much Work



Alex Brian
Season 2 25 Japanese Adventure This School Is On Fire 3xx
Season 3 30 Fahrenheit 234 Last Day Of School 4xx


The Summer Shark Attack Movie will air as the mid-season three finale. It stars Max Sakin and Nicole Lorubbio as they face sharks and their friends.

Possible ReunionEdit

A possible reunion episode is in production with a storyline being made after the finale so if made it will have connection with the finale.


1) The Kidnapping Of Cunningham (Double Length)

2) Sky Junior High (Double Length)

3) Cunningham Goes Hollywood (4x Length)

4) Back To The Future (3x)

Crossover EpisodesEdit

1) Brian Returns To Cunningham The School Of Fun (3 Part Episode)

2) School Of Bad Luck (Regular Episode)


1. The Gang- The Gang follows Sean as he moves out and gets his own apartment but needs a roomate to help pay rent. He asks his Cunningham friends and Max, Sabryna and Melissa move in with him and help pay the rent by getting jobs.

2. Girls From Cunningham- Girls From Cunningham follows Nicole and Jordan as they adjust to their new life in Italy.  

3. Greg & Steven