Number Of Appearences 70
First Appearence

The First Day Of School

Last Appearence

The Students Return: Reunion

Episodes Named After Jordan

Emily's F-

Emily is a main cast memeber on Cunningham. She was originally not in the show but when Ryan left the series she replaced all of his lines. Emily was written out of the show during the first season due to Ryan moving at the time and he would not appear but was later brought back after a break. Emily is the main antagonist of Roadtrip. She has not appeared in 11 episodes of the series coming in second for the least amout of episode apppearences behind Jordan.

Relationships With OthersEdit


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Emily is part of the gang and they are all good friends. She fought with Melissa once but they argued briefly and they are BFF'S.


  • The Ghostbusters
  • Happy Halloween
  • The Goodbye?
  • MissleToe
  • Olivia's B-Day Bash Part 1
  • Olivia's B-Day Bash Part 2
  • Mission Impossible: Theater Patrol Part 1
  • Mission Impossible: Theater Patrol Part 2
  • Sean Vs Max
  • Stuck In The Car