Gossip Wars
Season 3, Episode 3
Code 403-404
Episode 53
Writer(s) Sean Breslin
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"Rugrats NYC"


"Nicole & Jordan Time!"

Gossip Wars is the third episode of the third season. It is a double length special. The special is the first written after the cancellation of the series. The special also is the last appearence of Steven Salvatore until the season and series finale.


Sabryna and Melissa are keeping a secret and Sean and Max must know. Sean discovers and tells Max. She likes a guy named Tomas. Sean gets the two to go on a date. Steven is moving and he has a hard time telling Jordan. Melissa must decide between a play or her friends. Emily helps Greg practice for his big game.


  • This is a double length special.
  • The title is a parody of Star Wars.
  • Tomas becomes a recurring character.
  • This episode is based on a fight that happened between the cast.
  • Steven leaves the main cast.