Number Of Appearences 64
First Appearence

Long Lost Sister

Last Appearence

The Students Return: Reunion

Episodes Named After Jordan

Nicole Loses Jordan

Jordan's Choice

Jordan Finds Out

Jordan is a main charecter in Cunningham the series and sister of Nicole. She first appeared in "Long Lost Sister" and became a series regular. Jordan is Nicole's sister and possible twins it will be revealed in the episode Are We Twins? Jordan has currently broken up with Steven after the episode Jordan Finds Out. She missed 18 episodes of the series.

Relationships With OthersEdit


Main Article: Jordeve (Pairing)Edit

Steven and Jordan have never really interacted with each other until the episode Jordeve. The two devolp feelings for each other and begin dating in After The Kiss where they go on their first date. The two were dating for 8 episodes until Jordan catches Steven cheating on her in Jordan Finds Out. The two may get back together but it is unconfirmed.


Nicole and Jordan have a bumpy realtionship fighting a lot and getting along a lot. In "Long Lost Sister" Nicole finds out she has a sister her age. The two get along well. In "The Freakiest Day Of School" the two fight about how Jordan is treated much differently and they switch bodies.

Max, Sean, Olivia, Emily, Sabryna, MelissaEdit

They are all good friends and they hang out together a lot. They never really fight and are always best friends.


  • First Day Of School
  • Ghostbusters
  • Firing The Cheese
  • Emily's F-
  • Roadtrip Part 1
  • Roadtrip Part 2
  • Roadtrip Part 3
  • The Homeroom Haunting
  • Happy Halloween
  • The Goodbye?
  • Missletoe
  • Secret Santa
  • Olivia's B-Day Bash Part 1
  • Olivia's B-Day Bash Part 2
  • Mission Impossible Part 1
  • Mission Impossible Part 2
  • Farewell Brian
  • Stuck In The Car

Jordan will not be absent for any more episodes. Jordan has appeared in 64 episodes of the series.