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Steven Is Crushing

Jordan's Choice

After The Kiss


Jordeve (previously titled The Chronicles Of Jordeve) is a 4 episode storyline in season two revolving around Steven and Jordan becoming a couple. It is the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th episodes of the season and 41st, 42nd, 43rd and 44th overall. The episodes featured a sub-plot revolving around Emily and Max sharing a kiss. The saga is the longest running saga in the series.

Steven Is CrushingEdit

Steven and Jordan devolp feelings for each other after Jordan needed dancing lessons. Steven must decide if he is going to ask her out or not. Sean finds out about his crush and Nicole finds out about Jordan's crush. The rest of the gang go to a basketball game and run into the same girl from "Roadtrip" and fight with her over seats.

Jordan's ChoiceEdit

Jordan rejects Steven thinking she is not ready for a relationship and Steven becomes upset. Meanwhile, the girls go to a fashion high school orientation and Olivia is not allowed in since she did not apply for the school. Jordan and Steven share their first kiss and Sean and Nicole see it.

After The KissEdit

After the kiss, Jordan and Steven plan out their first date and Sean and Nicole go to spy creating tension between Sean and Steven ruining their friendship. Meanwhile, Sabryna gets accepted to fashion school and Melissa doesn't and realize the wrong letter was sent to Melissa. Emily and Max share their first kiss.

The Break-up?Edit

Steven's mom finds out that Steven is dating Jordan and demands that they break-up. Emily and Max try to determine what their friendship is going to be. Everyone tries to win the scavnger hunt at school. Steven and Jordan get back together after a short break-up.


  • This is the first 4 part episode.
  • Jordeve begins in this episode and might end in "Jordan Finds Out"
  • Part 1 is a sequel to Roadtrip bringing back the girl in the episode.
  • This is the 7th multi-part episode with the first six being "Roadtrip", "Olivia's B-day Bash", "Mission Impossible: Theater Patrol", "Brian Returns To Cunningham The School Of Fun", "Japnese Adevnture" and "School Of The Future".
  • The first two parts are 12th and 13th times a charecters name has been in a title.