Began Dating

After The Kiss

The Break-up- Get Back Together

The Students Return-Get Back Together


The Break-up?-Briefly

Jordan Finds Out-Possibly

The Last Day Of School


Steven Is Crushing

Jordan's Choice

After The Kiss


Jordeve is the romantic pairing of Steven and Jordan first introduced in Jordeve. They were never really close until they had to dance together and they both devolped feelings for each other. They shared their first kiss in "Jordan's Choice". They offically started dating in "After The Kiss" where they go on their first date. The pairing may break-up in Jordan Finds Out.

Episodes TogetherEdit

  • Steven Is Crushing (Only Crushes)
  • Jordan's Choice (Only Crushes/ First Kiss)
  • After The Kiss (Offically Dating)
  • The Break-up? (Possible Break-up)
  • Back To The Future (Offically Dating)
  • The Freakiest Day Of School (Offically Dating)
  • Sean Goes To Jail (Dating)
  • Jordan Finds Out (Break-up)
  • Jordan Gets Even (Get Back Together)

Other namesEdit

  • Stordan (St/even, J/ordan)
  • Jordeven (Jord/an, St/even)

Jordeve MomentsEdit

Episode Season Events

Jordeve: Steven Is Crushing"

  • Steven and Jordan devolp feeings for each when Steven teaches Jordan how to dance.
  • Steven asks Jordan out.
"Jordan's Choice" 2
  • Steven feels bad when he is rejected by Jordan.
  • Jordan and Steven share their first kiss.
"After The Kiss" 2
  • Jordan and Steven go on their first date.
"The Break-up?" 2
  • Jordan and Steven share another kiss. 
  • They are determined to not break-up.
"Back To The Future" 2
  • Steven is determined to save Jordan from Brian.
  • Steven and Jordan go to the movies for her birthday and then sneak out to go on a date.
"The Freakiest Day Of School" 2
  • Jordan fears her relationship with Steven will be ruined.
  • Another date is planned.
"Sean Goes To Jail" 2
  • Both Steven and Jordan think Max is going to ask Emily to be her partner in the cheese wars.
  • Steven is late for a date with Jordan.
"Jordan Finds Out" 2
  • Jordan thinks Steven is cheating on him and they share one last hug when they break-up.