“The First Day Of School”
Season 1, Episode 1
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Sean Breslin


Sean Breslin

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The First Day Of School is the first episode of Cunningham. The episode is the second appearence of Sean Breslin and is a spin-off of School Of Fun. The episode revolves around a group of friends meeting each other and they start 6th grade.


It's the first day of school and Sean, Max and Steven meet a group of friends, Melissa, Nicole, Sabryna and Olivia. Sean tries to get a kid named Brian to like him after he is nasty to him. Max tries to go a week eating hot lunch and Steven makes a bet with him that he can't so Max gets sick and he and Sean get revenge on him. Meanwhile, the girls all help the guys.


  • Sean Breslin as Sean
  • Max Spencer as Max
  • Steven Salvator as Steven
  • Nicole as Nicole
  • Sabryna Nunez as Sabryna
  • Brian as Brian
  • Alex as Alex
  • Olivia Rohde as Olivia
  • Melissa as Melissa    
  • Emily Caroleo as Emily                 


  • This is the first episode.
  • Ryan Lum was originally supposed to play Ryan but someone will fill in for him.
  • Brian and Alex made cameos.
  • This was originally titled Pilot but changed to The First Day of School.
  • This was originally an hour long episode.
  • This is a spin-off of School Of Fun and a continuation of Goodbye.