Rugrats N.Y.C.
Season 3, Episode 2
Code 402
Episode 52
Writer(s) Sean Breslin
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"Gossip Wars"

Rugrats N.Y.C is the second episode of the third season and 52nd overall. The episode's storyline was created by Jordan Lauterborn. The episode is based on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody episode Super Twins. The gang turn into babies.


While visiting the Rugrats studio the gang turn into helpless babies and Max and Greg are the only ones who can change them back. Soon enough Brian kidnapps the babies and holds them hostage briefly. Meanwhile, Melissa, Sabryna and Olivia make a dress for the fashion school and Olivia decides that she is going to try out for the school. The episode is a dream.


  • Brian appears briefly but only in Jordan's dream.
  • The episode is a dream.
  • The episode ends with Nicole turning into a baby in real life.