Sean Vs Max
Season 2, Episode 14
Code 319
Episode 39
Writer(s) Sean Breslin
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"Cunningham Goes Hollywood: The Movie"


"Stuck In The Car"

Sean Vs Max is the 14th episode of the seond season. The episode is a continuation of School Of The Future Parts 1-2.


The school hockey team invites Max to the team and he is the star. Sean is still mad at him after School Of The Future so Sean decides to take all of the attention away from Max. Melissa and Sabryna make jerseys for the team. Olivia and Nicole search for a phone.


  • This is the 11th episode with a charecters name in it. It is the 2nd episode with two charecters names in it.
  • Emily is absent for the 8th time.
  • Jordan is absent for the first time since she joined the cast.