Season 2


Premiere Episode

Japanese Adventure Part 1

Premiere Date
Finale Episode

This School Is On Fire

Finale Date

Season 1


Season 3

CastSeason 2 of Cunningham consisted of 25 episodes and changed many of the relationships between the cast. The season began with Japanese Adventure Part 1 and concluded with This School Is On Fire! The season saw the departure of Alex and Brian who decided to not return. Brian serves as a recurring charecter in 5 episodes usually as main antagonist. The season introduced Jordeve and Emilax and also had 2 films. Starting From Sean Vs Max the regular episodes have gotten longer.

  • Max; the main protagonist of the series
  • Nicole: a main cast member
  • Sabryna; a main cast memeber
  • Olivia: a main cast memeber
  • Melissa: a main cast memeber
  • Jordan: amain cast member; missed 2 episodes in the season
  • Emily: a main cast memeber; missed 3 episodes this season
  • Steven: a main cast memeber
  • Sean: a main cast member/main antagonist; missed 1 episode this season
  • Brian: a recurring charecter/antagonist in multiple episodes